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Choriaster granulatus Lütken, 1869

Choriaster Lütken, 1869
Choriaster granulatus Lütken, 1869

A shallow-water species, seen throughout the Indo-Pacific. Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and east to the Indian Ocean.

From Lighthouse Bommie, Ribbon Reef #10, Great Barrier Reef. Photo by Richard Ling
Starfish Choriaster granulatus

From Papua New Guinea. Photo by Jan Messersmith
Starfish - Choriaster granulatus - PC162377

From Timur II Bunaken SULAWESI. Image by Bernard DuPont
Granulated Seastar Choriaster granulatus

From Tanjung Kubur, Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi, INDONESIA. Image by Bernard DuPont.
Granulated Sea Star Choriaster granulatus

From Lembeh Strait. Photo by Samuel Chow
Sea Star (Choriaster Granulatus) (30 cm)

From the Philippines. Photo by Arno Enzerink.
Granulated sea star on the ocean floor
Granulated sea star on the ocean floor

From Okinawa Japan. Photo by Paul_(shin.ogata)
カワテブクロ (Choriaster granulatus)

From the Maldives. Photo by Giorgio
Foto_2007-02-20 15.05.05
Foto_2007-02-20 15.03.00

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