Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nidorellia armata (Gray, 1840)

Nidorellia armata (Gray, 1840)

Often referred to as the "chocolate chip" starfish (A common name also applied to Protoreaster nodosus)

Taxonomic info from the World Asteroidea Database. Here. 

Occurs primarily in shallow-water in Baja California, Mexico to the Galapagos.

Image from Baja California. Photo by caretta156
chocolate chip starfish

From Los Frailes, Cabo Pulmo, Baja California. Spines seem to be picked off/worn down. Photo by Hawkfish.
Chocolate chip starfish, Cabo Pulmo, Baja California, Mexico

Another individual from off Isla Espiritu Santo. Photo by tcorbin

Another from the Sea of Cortez. Photo by sherry_jewelry
Chocolate Chip Sea Star

From Isla Danzante. Photo by David H. Thompson
Sea star underwater

From Loreto, Mexico. Photo by Captain Kevin
Chocolate chip star

From Cocos Island. Photo by l'herf
Chocolate Chip Sea Star

From the Galapagos. Photo by Steven Bedard
Chocolate Chip Sea Star

another from the Galapagos. Photo by lgooch.
SEA26863PS - Chocolate Chip Starfish

From the Galapagos. Photo by CMontoy
Chocolate Chips

Asterias amurensis Lutken, 1871

Asterias amurensis Lutken, 1871

Futher info:  at the World Asteroidea Database

On its introduction to Australia. Here and Here. 

From Williamstown, Melbourne, Victoria (introduced from the North Pacific). Photo by Saspotato
Evil starfish

From Rye, Melbourne, Victoria. Photo by Saspotato.

From Mornington, Melbourne, Victoria. Photo by Saspotato

A pic of an individual from Alaska. Photo by ChrisL_AK
Sea Star

and another from Alaska. Photo by dean.franklin
Asterias amurensis

Here's a pic of an individual from Japan. Photo by TeeeeeeRex
pized possesion

Another form Japan by TokyoMouse
Aqua-World Oarai

Asterias amurensis is sold for sale to be eaten in China. Photo by Domestic Rat
Starfishes, WangFuJing, Beijing

More for sale. Photo by deb-830
Street eats - starfish

and more.. Photo by tsc_traveler
Chinese people do eat anything