Saturday, March 24, 2012

Iconaster longimanus Moebius, 1859, the "Iconic" Star

Iconaster longimanus Moebius, 1859

Species Occurrence: Central tropical Pacific

Photo by Iain Fraser. Locality unknown.

Photos by Arthur Anker, fr. Singapore
Preserved specimen of the "double-star" sea star (Iconaster longimanus)
"Imperfect" Iconaster longimanus

Photo by MerMate. Image taken in Singapore-southern islands
Icon sea star
Another. Same locality. Note the parasitic snail on the disk..
Icon blemish

Photo by Debby Ng, Hantu Blogger. Image taken in Singapore
Icon seastar
Icon seastar

Photo by Divaholic. Image taken in the Philippines.
Iconaster longimanus

Photo by Ben Naden.
Iconaster longimanus
Iconaster longimanus

by Debby Ng. From Singapore.
Icon seastar
icon seastar

from Yeowatzup. From Singapore
Icon Seastar, Pulau Hantu, Singapore
Icon Seastar, Pulau Hantu, Singapore

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