Saturday, March 24, 2012

Iconaster longimanus Moebius, 1859, the "Iconic" Star

Iconaster longimanus Moebius, 1859

Species Occurrence: Central tropical Pacific

Photo by Iain Fraser. Locality unknown.

Photos by Arthur Anker, fr. Singapore
Preserved specimen of the "double-star" sea star (Iconaster longimanus)
"Imperfect" Iconaster longimanus

Photo by MerMate. Image taken in Singapore-southern islands
Icon sea star
Another. Same locality. Note the parasitic snail on the disk..
Icon blemish

Photo by Debby Ng, Hantu Blogger. Image taken in Singapore
Icon seastar
Icon seastar

Photo by Divaholic. Image taken in the Philippines.
Iconaster longimanus

Photo by Ben Naden.
Iconaster longimanus
Iconaster longimanus

by Debby Ng. From Singapore.
Icon seastar
icon seastar

from Yeowatzup. From Singapore
Icon Seastar, Pulau Hantu, Singapore
Icon Seastar, Pulau Hantu, Singapore

Echinaster callosus Marenzeller, 1895

Echinaster callosus Marenzeller, 1895

Occurrence: Indo-Pacific

Photo by Ben Naden. Photo taken at Bagalangit, Calabarzon, Philippines

Echinaster callosus

Photo by Paul Bordin. Photo taken at Puerto Galera, Philippines
Tuberculated Sea Star, Echinaster callosus - Puerto Galera, Mindoro

Echinaster callosus from Six Mile Reef, Sodwana Bay, 4/22/12. Images by Optical AllusionWarty seastar (Echinaster callosus)
Warty seastar (Echinaster callosus)

This specimen of E. callosus with CTENOPHORES!

Petricia vernicina Lamarck 1816

Petricia vernicina Lamarck, 1816

Occurrence: Southern Australia and New Zealand

by Richard Ling. Image from Beecroft Peninsula, New South Wales, AU
Velvet Sea Star
From La Perouse, Sydney, NSW, AU
Velvet Sea Star

by Saspotato. Image taken in Barwon Heads, Victoria, AU
From Mornington Pier
Hairy Patrick
From Mornington, Melbourne, AU
Hairy Patrick
From Swan Islands, Queenscliff Australia
Anemic Patrick
Image taken at Ricketts Point, Mordialloc, Melbourne, AU
Sleeping Patrick
Image taken at Mornington Pier, Melbourne, AU
Hairy starfish
by Jason Hender. Image taken at Wilsons Prom, Tidal River, Victoria, AU
Taken at Wilsons Prom

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stichaster australis (Verrill 1871)

Stichaster australis (Verrill, 1871)

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Occurrence: This species occurs primarily in New Zealand.
by GothPhil from Opononi, New Zealand
Starfish on the beach, Opononi
from blueSkySunHigh from Anawaha, Auckland, New Zealand
By Zanthia from Piha, Auckland, New Zealand
colorful starfish

Starfish - Sun Star (Stichaster australis)
By Zigonfire from Piha, Auckland, New Zealand
starfish at piha

Labidiaster annulatus Sladen, 1889

LabidiasterLabidiaster annulatus Sladen, 1889

From the World Asteroidea Database on Labidiaster annulatus
Info Links:
Images from Palmer Peninsula. Images by Kevin Bilkyk.
An Antarctic Sea Star
An Antarctic Sea Star
An Antarctic Sea Star
More Labidiaster annulatus from Palmer Station

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Acanthaster planci (Linnaeus, 1758) aka Crown of Thorns Starfish

Info Links:
Acanthaster planci at the World Asteroidea Database

Distribution: Baja California, Hawaii, southern Japan, Australia, tropical Central-Pacific and westward to the Indian Ocean, India and east coast of Africa.

Images of individuals from the Pacific..

Hawaiian Islands-Kauai
Crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci)

Acanthaster planci, Crown of thorns starfish eating coral
Photo by Okinawa Nature Photography

Thailand-Ko Lanta
Crown of Thorns Starfish
Photo by Quinet

Indian Ocean Localities

blue/purple crown of thorns
Photo by Tobze
Photo by Janice Chapman